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What’s The Story Behind The Warrior Event?

Originally conceived by Eric Louviere as a networking and learning opportunity for friends, fellow marketers and successful colleagues who frequented the world's largest Internet Marketing community, the Warrior Forum, in 2008, Eric hosted the first Warrior Live Networking Event in Austin, Texas. 

In 2009, Jack Tackett took over the reins and organized the 2nd Annual Warrior Event in Raleigh, North Carolina with the help of Sam England as a local volunteer. The following year in 2010, Jack’s consulting business was awarded a large contract and he simply didn’t have the bandwidth to manage another live event, so there was no Warrior Event for 2010…

While attending the Practical Profits seminar that year in Las Vegas, Sam was hounded by fellow attendees to resurrect the Warrior Event in 2011. With promises to speak from Jason Fladlien, Bryan Zimmerman, E. Brian Rose and several other well-known marketers, Sam reached out to Brian McLeod and asked him to partner with him to make it happen. 

And So It Began...

In March 2011, Brian and Sam organized and launched the 3rd Annual Warrior Live Networking Event in Raleigh to great excitement and acclaim in the marketing community - it was a MASSIVE success.

Attendance tripled, selling out the entire hotel to a rowdy crowd of internet marketers from across the globe. The standing-room only networking, speaker sessions and raucous good times for all reached legendary status. The careers and businesses of many of the speakers and attendees took off like rockets.

Then We Did It AGAIN...

In March of 2012, Brian and Sam hosted the 4th Annual Warrior Event in Raleigh.

Based on the incredible WE2011 buzz, WE2012 Raleigh again sold out the entire hotel.

Plus, this year, the now newly formed JVZoo hosted their first of what would become an infamous series of sponsored Warrior Event parties.

And AGAIN... Only Bigger. Better.

In September of 2012, Brian and Sam brought the Warrior Event to Orlando, Florida.

With a longer 3-day schedule, more sponsors, a bigger venue and JVZoo’s incredible "casino party", WE2012 Orlando went down in the books as the most ambitious Warrior Event to date.

Having heard about the unique quality of the event, some of the most celebrated marketing experts and gurus attended. 

Eventually All Good Things Must Come To An End...
In March of 2013, the Warrior Event returned to Raleigh. 
As always, it was yet another sold-out weekend of amazing networking, powerful speaker sessions and general marketing mayhem. 
In 2014, Brian and Sam announced that they were pulling out all the stops because WE2014 was the last Warrior Event. The hotel sold out weeks in advance (along with all the other area hotels) as attendees flocked to take part in the epic Warrior Event one last time... and then, it was over.
But We're NOT QUITE Done Delivering Value Yet!

Even though nearly a thousand smart entrepreneurs and marketers paid good money traveling the globe to participate in Warrior Event shenanigans...

And even though so many Warrior Event participants have gone on to create obscenely successful businesses.

Many thousands more can now discover how to profitably launch, expand and grow your online business as quickly as possible by simply listening to and applying the hard-won wisdom, expertise and priceless experience shared by our superstar roster of experts from the Warrior Event stage...


The Official WE2014 Video Set

14 Full-Length Recordings Presented By An All-Star Roster Of The Most Successful Marketing Minds In The Business!
Joel Comm – Best-selling author, entrepreneur, award winning app creator, speaker, producer of the world’s first internet marketing reality show… (Special Appearance: Armand Morin)
Matt Bacak – List-building legend and millionaire marketer reveals how to generate massive email lists and turn them into cash customers – FAST! (Special Appearance: Devon Brown)
Tellman Knudson – Master hypnotist and 8-figure internet entrepreneur helps you fine-tune your brain for unlimited success, personal achievement and wealth accumulation.
Eric Louviere – Host of the first Warrior Event (2008) shares bold, unflinching truth about why some make millions online (like he has) while others struggle. His motto: Sell baby, Sell!
Bryan Zimmerman – Co-founder of JVZoo shares his daily productivity secrets for keeping your online business (and the dollars) flowing smoothly.
E. Brian Rose – Co-founder of JVZoo reveals surprisingly simple ways of grabbing the attention of any marketplace, gaining expert fame and authority. (Special Appearance: Brad Gosse)
Greg Cesar – Paid traffic genius shows you how anyone can tap into virtually unlimited amounts of web traffic – even if you’ve never placed an ad or bought a click before in your life.
Heather Claus – Veteran web developer and Nookie Notes creator pulls back the curtain on her first mobile app and some surprising ways to monetize mobile app development.
Ryan McKinney – Lead Gen & SEO wiz shares his wicked simple ranking strategies for using Youtube and Google Hangouts to generate mind-blowing lead generation success.
Chip Cooper, Esq. – Internet Marketing attorney shares the sobering realities of legal compliance and how easy it can be to stay on the right side of the law.
Michelle Spiva – This self-described “chocolate Wonder Woman” will entertain, inspire, and help you banish fears and confidence issues that sabotage nearly all online entrepreneurs.
Nick Lapolla – Programmer turned marketer and creator of Simple Video Pro, the #1 selling WSO hits the stage for his first public speaking appearance – and he does not disappoint.
Expert Panel Day 1 – Featuring: Brad SpencerGreg CesarMatt BacakArmand MorinJoel CommReed FlorenDan Nickerson and Laura Catella in an inspiring and motivational open Q&A session with attendees.
Expert Panel Day 2 – Featuring: Eric LouviereWes HarrisonMike LantzMike FilsaimeOmar Martin and Lina Trivedi. Mike Filsaime shares so much wisdom during this session – this video alone could be its own product!
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